New Wood on Poliigon

If you pay attention to interior design trends, you might have noticed natural materials popping up more and more.

While it used to only be the ultra rich that could afford marble and stone, it’s now becoming affordable to everyone.

Even McDonalds is getting in on the action.

So we recently added stone, marble, ceramic, bamboo to help you visualize this.

But when material category that desperately needed some love was Wood.

After consulting with an interior design studio, we created over 100 new wood materials based on the popular wood treatments available today.

Walnut, pine, oak, hickory, burl, flooring, flat, and more.

If you can’t find the wood from this new collection, let us know in the comments, but we think we’ve got it covered.

Our existing collection of 60 wood materials has also been remastered with more accurate maps and a 1:1 aspect ratio.


Here’s some examples of what you can do with the new wood: