Big Texture Release!

Over the last 2 years we've been collecting your texture requests and quietly building them. Today we're pleased to release a big batch them.

So as per your request, here's what's now available in the library:

#1: Bamboo

We've had exactly 20 user requests for bamboo! Which makes sense, since it's extremely popular for asian inspired architecture, AND very hard to find online since so thin and difficult to capture.

So we created the last batch of bamboo textures you'll need: individual stalks and a pre-assembled wall. All seamless!


Another hotly requested texture has been roofing! Specifically, european styled slates. So we've built exactly that:


This was a surprise to me, but evidently a LOT of artists have been wanting a chainmail texture for their medieval characters. So we've created 11 different chainmail types for bronze, steel and gold chainmail:


#4: Drywall

It's not the most exciting texture, but it's still in need! These 6 drywall textures are perfect for your next game level, environment art, or architecture:


#5: Packaging Materials

While most of our users make architecture and environments, there's been a growing amount of industrial/product designers joining the site. So we listened to their requests, and released 13 new materials: packing foam, styrofoam, cork and paper:

Packing Foam.jpg

#6: More Photoscans

Photoscans are here to stay. For bumpy surfaces like trees and grounds, photoscans are your ticket to realism.

So we've just added 9 large surface scans for your next outdoor scene:

#7: Solar Panels

As the world moves to renewable energy sources, more architects are being asked to include solar panels in their visualizations. So we're happy to say we've got you covered!

Solar Panels.jpg

All seamless, and perfect for your next rooftop:

...and more.

These don't really fit into a specific category, but here they are:

  1. Rubber Mulch (for playgrounds and outdoor settings)
  2. Ice (for hockey and iced ponds)
  3. Beach wave foam
  4. Straw flooring (for barns)
Hockey Ice Scratched.jpg

The massive update is now live! Enjoy all the assets right now in the Poliigon Library.