Top Renders from December 2018

As is tradition, we like to round up the top renders from the community, posted to ArtStation with the words “Assets from Poliigon” somewhere in the description.

Here’s the top renders from December 2018…

Render of the month:

Now THAT’s quality decor. Love those ornate rug patterns!

For being render of the month, Andrey has won himself 1-year of a Poliigon Production plan!

A big thank you to everyone who created works this month! It’s always a treat to see what the community is making.

How to feature here next month

Step 1: Make something cool using Poliigon assets

Step 2: Post it to ArtStation and include Poliigon in the ‘Software used’ section.

Step 3: Check the blog the following month to see if you were feature. The best render wins 12 months of Poliigon Production :)