New Material Previews

It's been a long time coming, but Material Previews are now available on Poliigon!

Why Material Previews?

When you're searching for the right material, you want to know it will look in the final render. And maps often fail at showing this. Which means you might download the material and set it up before realizing it's not right.

Material previews solve this by accurately displaying how it will look:

Previews are available in both Cubed and Spherical format.

Cubes are excellent at showing how the material will look in your scene, and spheres are great for showing how it will interact with lighting:

We've also made switching between the various previews incredibly easier, so check out our newly updated pop-up window!

We hope you're now able to find the material you're looking for faster! :)

Top Poliigon Renders from February 2017

Heyoo! The Poliigon community created some more gorgeous renders this past month. So as per usual, here's the monthly roundup of our favourite images:

Love that lighting!Created by Asbjørn Pedersen using the new tile materials in Blender.

Awesome 3D printed rifle concept, by Christian Grajewski, with a unique use of the Overlay textures. Made with Alias design and Keyshot.

Simple but lovely wooden toy, by Lawrence Jaeger using wood materials. Made with Blender.

Created by Nicolas Martinez, using Rhinoceros and Keyshot.

A clean, white bathroom, but still enough character to be interesting. Created by Michał Demps using the new Marble materials. Made with Blender.


And the render of the month is...

Minimalistic yet highly detailed bathroom, by Gaiduk Dmytro using Overlay and Wood materials. Made with Blender.

Great use of the Overlay textures to create a perfectly photorealistic bathroom. I love the condensation on the windows!

For being featured as the Render of the Month, you've won a 12-month Gold Subscription to Poliigon. Congrats!

How to Win Next month

  1. Make something awesome using any of Poliigon's materials
  2. Post it on ArtStation with the words "Textures by" somewhere in the description.
  3. Check back here at the end of the month to see if you were featured! The best render will receive a 12-month Gold subscription.

Seems the entries are getting better and better each month. Can't wait to see March's :)

New Tile Materials

In the past, creating realistic CG tiles was a pain, because all other texture sites only offered photographs

Which is a problem when you try to convert them into material maps, as the software usually struggles to understand the material correctly.

We've been there, and we wanted some better tiles.

So instead of starting with photographs, we created them digitally with Substance Designer.

It's incredibly time consuming, but it's the only way to get realistic material maps, as we had full control over every aspect of the material.

So we created beveling, height and tilt variation, wear and tear, glossy variation and a bunch of other subtle tweaks to make the tiles look gorgeous.

There are 33 new tile materials now available on Poliigon:

Members get them at no extra cost. Download them now!

Not yet a member? Sign up here.

PS. What do you think the next texture pack should be? Vote here.

Top Poliigon Renders from January 2017

Can you believe one month has already passed since the start of 2017? Boy does time fly. 

In the past month we've seen some stunning works of art by the Poliigon community, and so as per usual, here's our favourite renders:

by Alex Jeorg. Simple but beautiful! Love that smudged glass texture!

by Ikan Otnemrop. Nice use of volumetric lighting! Really nice setting.

by Nicolas Martinez. Cool idea! Nice texturing on the phone (a little heavy, but still nice!)

by Nicolas Martinez. Cool idea! Nice texturing on the phone (a little heavy, but still nice!)

by Miguel Rojo. Very clean, and easily readable image. The wood and lamp texturing is great :)

by Miguel Rojo. Very clean, and easily readable image. The wood and lamp texturing is great :)

by Nick Brunner. Nice use of photoscanned grounds! The grass peaking through the rocks is a nice touch :)

by Nick Brunner. Nice use of photoscanned grounds! The grass peaking through the rocks is a nice touch :)

And the winner is...

by Rigveda Wankhade.  Beautiful lighting and decor! It's minimalistic, but with enough detail that it doesn't feel boring. Overall a great looking render.

by Rigveda Wankhade.  Beautiful lighting and decor! It's minimalistic, but with enough detail that it doesn't feel boring. Overall a great looking render.

Congrats Rigveda! You've won a 12-month Gold Subscription to Poliigon!

How to Win Next Month

Step 1: Create an artwork that uses at least 60% Poliigon textures. Any subject is fine!

Step 2: Post your artwork to ArtStation, with the words "Textures from" somewhere in the description.

Step 3: Wait until the end of the month, to see if you've been chosen as the best render! One winner will be selected every month.

May the best artist win! :)

New Feature: Sky HDRs

Lighting is a big deal.

It can mean the difference between an image that feels unnatural, and one that feels alive and welcoming:

But unfortunately, most outdoor lighting setups look pretty terrible.


Why most outdoor lighting looks bad

The most common approach to outdoor lighting is to use a sun lamp and a blue environment light. Which is a step in the right direction, but it's too simple. Because - as with many things in CG - the real world is much more chaotic.

A sky isn't just blue. Thanks to clouds, and the physics of light, it's a million different shades of blue, white and yellow. All with differing amounts of saturation and value.

Run an eyedropper over a photo of a sky and you'll see what I mean:

That's a huge amount of variance for something most of us perceive as "blue"!

When your sky lacks this detail, it impacts not only the lighting but also the reflections.

And since all objects are reflective, a solid blue color looks pretty laughable in a reflection:

Simply put, without a real sky, you're missing out on glorious detail in the reflections and the lighting.

So how can we get all this extra complexity in our renders?


The Solution: HDRs

HDRs are a completely different approach to lighting. Instead of using lamps, it uses a single image to light the scene that looks like this:

And while it looks like a standard photo, it actually contains valuable light information (captured in multiple exposure ranges) that your rendering engine can use to create light:

(Remember: this is without any lamps whatsover! It's controlled entirely by a single HDR image.)

They show up in reflections too:

HDRs are the most photorealistic lighting solution, because there's no fakery. It's taking an exact lighting profile captured in the real world, and bringing it into your 3d software.

That's the reason they're used by hollywood and most architectural renderers.

But unfortunately HDR Skies aren't cheap. They typically range from $10-30 each online, which means a modest collection of just 10 Skies would cost $100-300.

Until now!

As of today, Poliigon now has HDR Skies available to all existing and future members. There are 40 HDRs so far with plans to add more in the future. 

And all are available at a whopping 15,000 x 7,500 and 12 EVS :)


Top Poliigon Renders from December '16

The Poliigon community finished 2016 off with some stunning renders. So as per usual, here's a recap of the best renders made with Poliigon textures, from December 2016.

Light in the Rain, by Max Detournière

Beautiful! Lovely use of the displacement map to create some hard ridges in the brick face. I like the dynamic camera angle too. Adds a lot of interest.

Beautiful! Lovely use of the displacement map to create some hard ridges in the brick face. I like the dynamic camera angle too. Adds a lot of interest.


Keyboard, by Nicolas Martinez

Never before has a keyboard looked so cinematic! The fingerprint overlays really help this look photorealistic. Fantastic work!


The winner is... Anton Yeregui


Fantastic scene! Everything from the interior design to the lighting is incredible. I really like your use of textures to make the room feel modern, but natural. Just beautiful!

So congrats! As the winner, you've received a full 12 months Gold subscription to Poliigon :D


How to win a year of textures

  1. Make an image that uses at least 60% textures from Poliigon
  2. Post the image on ArtStation
  3. In the description somewhere, write "Textures from"

At the end of every month, we round up all the images and feature our favorites here. The best image will be awarded a full 12 month Gold subscription to Poliigon.

May the best artist win! :)

New Wood Flooring Collection

Wood is a popular choice for architects, as it's both visually interesting and an easy way to breathe life into the decor.

But when it comes to texturing, wood flooring suffers from the same problem as marble: it's very difficult to capture, and as a result most texture sites have a very limited range.

Unlike concrete or bricks (that are readily available in public spaces) wooden flooring can only be found inside finished interiors. And unless you want to break into dozens of homes, it's unlikely you'll find suitable flooring to photograph.

As a result, most texture sites have a very limited range of interior wooden flooring available.

So instead of giving up, we proactively created them from scratch. We took dozens of photo references then recreated them using Substance Designer. 

And after 50 man hours, we're pleased to present this pack of wood that's identical to photo textures.

Here are all 28 of the new wood flooring textures:

For each texture type we created 3 types of wood: light, medium and dark:

And since we had full control of the arrangement, we went an extra step and created unique wood patterns like diagonal parquets and diamonds, that are very difficult to find online:

These are perfect for architectural use, as well as scene building.

Here's how our in-house artist (Guilherme Henrique) used the new texture collection:

These wood textures are now available, to all Poliigon members. Enjoy!

Bathroom Breakdown

In a recent survey, many of you asked for scene "Breakdowns" to see how textures are used in larger scenes.

So as a trial run, here's the first scene breakdown on a Bathroom made in Blender:


  1. Marble65 - Wall
  2. Marble62 - Countertop
  3. Marble59 - Floor
  4. RainDropsComplex - Shower screen
  5. BackDropGreenLeafLarge002 - Tree backdrop


If you'd like to see the full workflow on how this Bathroom was created, check out the full tutorial below:

What's did you think of this breakdown idea? Would you like to see more? I'm really curious to hear your thoughts, so please post in the comments below.

The Top Poliigon Renders from November 2016

Another month has passed, so it's time to look back on what the Poliigon community accomplished!

The top renders on ArtStation, using Poliigon textures are as follows...

Created by Timm Schwarze

Created by Iván Zabalza González (also the winner of last months!)

Created by André Mueller

Created by Piero Di Chito

And the winner is...

The render of the month prize goes to Charlie Pradeau!

Created by Charlie Pradeau

A simple scene, but done extremely well. You've made clothespin's both realistic and aesthetically pleasing! Brilliant work!

For your efforts, you've won a 12 month Gold subscription to Poliigon! :)

Want to win a year's subscription to Poliigon and be featured here next month?
Just post your render on ArtStation with the words "Textures from" somewhere in the description. At the end of the month, we'll go through all the entries and award the best image a 12 month Gold subscription to Poliigon! :)

New Marble Materials

Good marble textures are surprisingly hard to find online.

They're either tiny in real world size (20x20cm slab anyone?) or riddled with highlights.

But there's a reason for this: marble is actually very challenging to capture. 

Marble is heavy and therefore expensive to transport, which means even in the real world most are cut into small pieces. It's also highly reflective, which means photographing it without highlights is nearly impossible.

So rather than photographing them, we tried something different: we collected dozens of photo references and then made them by hand using Substance Designer.

It was a challenge that took 86 man hours to complete, but we're pleased to present this new collection of the best marble textures available online!

Initially we were skeptical that procedural textures could match the quality of photographed ones. But after weeks of fine tuning by our team, we were amazed that they looked identical to photo equivalents. Even zoomed in at 100%.

You can download these new marble materials now!

Look forward to seeing your gorgeous marble scenes!