New Fabric Materials

Fabric is everywhere. We walk on it, we clothe ourselves in it, and dry ourselves off with it.

Yet making realistic fabric in 3d, has always been challenging. Even with dedicated cloth simulators like Marvelous Designer, getting the materials right is difficult.

At Poliigon, we were tired of the existing fabric textures online, and wanted to create something better.

So we started by inspecting fabric samples under a microscope, paying close attention to their weave patterns and thread counts.

Then instead of photographing them, we recreated them in Substance Designer.

Much like Tiles, Wood and Marble, Fabric benefits from being created digitally, as the detail is simply too tiny to photograph correctly!

This enabled us to tweak the fabric to perfection, right down to the thread count.

There are 25 new fabric materials:

Which are perfect for clothing:

...and even packaging materials :)

As per usual, they work in any 3D software. Just download the maps and use like you normally would.