New Marble Materials

Good marble textures are surprisingly hard to find online.

They're either tiny in real world size (20x20cm slab anyone?) or riddled with highlights.

But there's a reason for this: marble is actually very challenging to capture. 

Marble is heavy and therefore expensive to transport, which means even in the real world most are cut into small pieces. It's also highly reflective, which means photographing it without highlights is nearly impossible.

So rather than photographing them, we tried something different: we collected dozens of photo references and then made them by hand using Substance Designer.

It was a challenge that took 86 man hours to complete, but we're pleased to present this new collection of the best marble textures available online!

Initially we were skeptical that procedural textures could match the quality of photographed ones. But after weeks of fine tuning by our team, we were amazed that they looked identical to photo equivalents. Even zoomed in at 100%.

You can download these new marble materials now!

Look forward to seeing your gorgeous marble scenes!