New Metal Textures

The textures theme for July is Metal. We spent the last few weeks designing and capturing all sorts of metal, from industrial, to imperfections to remastering some old ones. They are live now.

Let's dive in! First up...

Designer Metals (17 New)

5) Desginer Metal Room.jpg

Apparently designer metal is *in* right now: Interior designers everywhere are finding creative ways to infuse metal into more parts of the building.

With this new batch of 17 Designer Metals you can stay ahead of the hypetrain:

Some up close renders:

Metal Designer04.png
Metal Designer03.png
Metal Designer01.png

Plain Metals (30 New)

Along with the designer metals, we've also added a collection of PBR accurate metals - with tiny, subtle imperfections to help push realism even further!

6) Kitchen Metals.jpg

Industrial (5 New, 43 Remastered)

We've noticed an influx of industrial designers coming to Poliigon. So we're happy to throw a bone their way with some new metals for visualizations. Plus, we've also gone through and remastered 43 of our existing metals. So scratches and rust can look even better :)

2) Metal Braided.jpg
3) Diamond Floor.jpg

Combine that with the previous metal release, and you've got plenty of options for your next scene!

As always, tweet your artworks to @PoliigonHQ - we love sharing what you make!