New Metal Materials

Most materials in the world are dielectric, which means they have both diffuse and gloss.

But metal is different, because it doesn't refract any light. Meaning there's no diffuse, metal is actually 100% gloss!

Yet when you look online for "metal textures" you'll find mostly diffuse textures!

So what gives!?

Well since there's no diffuse in metal, photographing it is almost impossible.

So instead of photographing them, we created them from scratch using Substance Designer. This allowed us to create interesting roughness & displacement maps that you see the effects of in real metal, but can't capture with a camera.

This has created a collection of some ultra realistic metal that truly looks the way it does in real life.

From raw metal like copper, brushed metal and steel:

To hybrid materials like rusted chipped paint:

The library is always growing, so join us to get this release and future releases like it!