Changes to Credits

When we launched Poliigon 2 years ago, we approached it with a very simple system: every download would cost 1 credit. And while this worked well for a while, it quickly exposed three big problems:

  1. Not every download was worth 1 credit. For example a treeline backdrop took upwards of 10 hours to capture, clean and produce and cost 1 credit. Yet a color variation for a pattern took barely 10 seconds to create, yet it also cost one credit. Same price, but completely different values to you as an artist. The former was a bargain, the latter a ripoff.
  2. It made re-downloading difficult. We want you to be able to revisit the assets you've previously purchased and download them for free again. But if you only downloaded say 2 of the 8 maps for one material. You only own 20% of the asset. This makes re-downloading difficult, both from a logistical and a usability standpoint.
  3. It's incompatible with new asset types. We already have HDRs and Brushes which have differing credit values. And later this year we'll be introducing models - all of which have differing amounts of files attached to them.

So obviously we needed a new system. After lots of number crunching, we've come up with a new system that solves all these problems and makes acquiring new assets much easier.

The New System

Poliigon has now switched to a flat cost system. Here's how it works...

Regardless of how many files are included in each download it will have a flat cost defined to it.

Once you've acquired the asset it's yours to keep! It will then appear in your My Assets section, which you can revisit and redownload at any time, for free!

Here's the new pricing:

  • Surface Imperfections & Patterns = 5 credits
  • Brushes = 8 credits
  • HDRs = 10 credits
  • Photoscanned or Substance made: 10 credits

Finally, as a gift to our existing customers, if you previously downloaded any part of texture (eg. one diffuse map): you have now been gifted the entire asset for free.

Click "Acquired Assets" in the side bar to see what you currently own :)