New Carpet on Poliigon

A good carpet is hard to find.

That's not the usual expression, but it's true when it comes to visualizing interior design. You've got your wood, you've got your stone, and now you've got a brand new set of Carpets.

The trouble with most carpet textures online is that they’re photographed. Which is fine for some materials, but not fabric. Photographing fabric isn’t ideal for two reasons…

Problem #1: Tileability


When you photograph fabric, you need to make each line of thread meet the other end. And at the microscopic scale of fabric, this is often impossible, leading to obvious signs of tiling.

Problem #2: Blurriness

The size of each thread is so small that traditional cameras simply can’t capture it with clarity. And we tried every conceivable method!


The Poliigon Solution

To solve both of these problems, we created this new carpet collection digitally. This ensures they’re fully seamless and hyper sharp.

That means you can focus on making art, knowing that the carpet will make the rest of your scene beautiful.


There are 64 new carpet materials, all based off 2019 interior design trends.