Top Community Renders From September 2017

Here's the monthly roundup of our favourite artworks posted to ArtStation, using Poliigon:

Created by Rigveda Wankhade, using the Wood and Metal textures.

Created by Pawel Pecherzewski, using the Tiles and Fabric textures.

Created by Maycon Santos, using the Wood and Fabric textures.

Created by Daniel Diaz Del Castillo, using the Wood and Marble textures.

Created by Souradeep Choudhury, using the Streets and Contrete textures.

Created by Lukasz Gaska, using the Concrete and Wood textures.

And the Render of the Month is...

Created by Olof Persson, using the Designs and Wood textures.

What a stunning interior! Love that blue morning light reflecting off the chairs. Great colors and setting. For being the Render of the Month, Olof has been awarded a year of Poliigon Gold!

How to Win of a year of Poliigon

  1. Make an awesome image that uses at least 60% Poliigon textures
  2. Post it to ArtStation with the words "Textures from" somewhere in the description
  3. Wait till the end of the month to see the results
  4. The best image of the month will win a year of Poliigon Gold subscription!

Anyone can win, (yes even trial users).

May the best artist win!