October Poliigon Community Contest

For the month of October, we're having our first ever spooky themed competition!

by Nicolas Pichon

by Nicolas Pichon

Theme: Halloween

Create any image related to the theme of Halloween.

Maybe it's a dark forest where a terrifying creature prepares to hunt you down. Or an abandoned cemetery home to a ghost. Or a creepy laboratory that hosted an experiment gone wrong! Whatever "halloween" means to you, do it!



Tips for winning

  1. Avoid the pumpkin cliche! It's overused and not very scary :P
  2. Create an image with a story. Even something simple is better than nothing!
  3. Study horror films to see how they used lighting to create suspense.



First Prize (worth $545)

  1. 12-month subscription to Poliigon Gold
  2. Apple Watch 3

Second Prize (worth $216)

  1. 12-month subscription to Poliigon Gold

Third Prize ($144)

  1. 12-month subscription to Poliigon Lite



  • You can use any 3D software you like
  • This is an image only contest (no animations sorry)
  • 60% of the textures must come from Poliigon
  • Only one entry per person
  • Painting programs like Substance Designer/Painter are allowed.
  • Minimum image size is 1920px wide but the bigger the better (any aspect ratio is fine)
  • Your entry must be a new creation, not an existing project
  • Bought or third-party models are allowed so long as they don't take up more than 20% of the image
  • Photographic elements are allowed, but it should be mostly 3D (eg. sky backgrounds are okay)
  • Your entry must in some way relate to the theme


Criteria for Judging

Entries will be judged by me on the following criteria:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Storytelling
  3. Impact

To increase your chances of winning, aim for all three!

by Dmitry Kremiansky

by Dmitry Kremiansky

4 Reasons to Enter:

  1. There's a clear deadline so you know you won't be working on this forever!
  2. Working around constraints of a theme can help you to think creatively
  3. Competing alongside other artists is a great way to stay motivated and do your best
  4. Your entry will be seen by thousands of daily visitors, increasing your online exposure!


How to Enter

Post your finished artwork to ArtStation with the tag #PoliigonHalloween, before 27th October 2017 11:59pm GMT.

May the best artist win!