Top Community Renders from May 18

Every month we collect all the images post to ArtStation with the words "Textures from" in the description, select our favourites and share them here.

Here's what we loved from May...

Created by Giorgi Abramia

Created by Marc Tarrés

Created by Mark Creaghan

Created by Martin Kovacik

Created by Pablo Dobarro

Our Favourite:

Created by Antonis Tzortzis

Congrats Antonis! For this beautiful archiviz render, you've been awarded 12 months of Poliigon (Freelancer). 

How to win a year of Poliigon

Every month we roundup our favourite images and award the best image a free 12 months of Poliigon (Freelancer plan).

  1. Make something cool that uses at least 60% Poliigon textures
  2. Post it to ArtStation with the words "Textures from" somewhere in the description
  3. Wait till the end of the month to see if you were one of our favourites