Models: The new addition to Poliigon

Big news: Models are now permanent addition to the Poliigon library.

Watch the announcement then read on…

Two Big Reasons to Use Poliigon Models

#1 The First Multi-Compatible Library

Typically when you buy a model it only works with one software and one renderer. This means wasting 10-20 minutes configuring shaders to work with your software and renderer. Nobody wants that.

So we’re pleased to say that our models work in all 15 of the major software and renderers.

Just select it from the dropdown to download a model in that native format.


#2 Consistent High Quality

Sometimes purchasing a model feels like playing Russian roulette. You load it into your software, praying that it looks good. But overly dense meshes, poor texture maps, and other shader hackery is rampant.

So we created the library using an industry standard asset pipeline:

  1. Mesh Detail: Not too little, not too much. Each mesh has just enough detail to create the proper silhouette, and everything else is baked.

  2. Baked Maps: All the finer mesh details are baked into the normal map. Gloss, Reflection and Albedo maps are also inclusive, ensuring you won’t have to touch your shader. It just works.

At the time of launch, there are three model collections available now…

1: Interior Scene Fillers

This is the stuff that you don’t want to model, but are necessary for an interior to feel lived in.

Stuff like a TV remote, newspaper, coffee, water bottle, soda can, headphones, notepad, glasses and much, much more.


Because you always need more models for a kitchen than anyone ever has time to model, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Utensils, knives, pots & pans, dishes, bowls, appliances and more.


3: Food

Photoscanning is the only way to capture the detailed shape and texture of food, so that’s what we used.

Fruits, bread, cakes, cheese. Available individually, or as a platter ready for dropping onto a counter.

Demo Renders

We went all out in our testing, so please enjoy this image gallery made using the new models:

This is just the start….

We’re adding more models in the future. What would you like to see next? Let us know in this short survey.