New Imperfection Textures

Clean surfaces are the bane of 3D art.

Because while the real world is full of randomness in every material, 3D software creates clean straight surfaces by default. As a result, we're often left wondering why our render doesn't look like a photo. Hint: It's because it's too perfect!

Since all existing "grunge" textures we could find online weren't suitable for 3d rendering, we decided to create something that was made for 3D artists: a surface imperfection library.

We've had this library since launch, but for our April release we added 51 new textures to the surface imperfection section.

There's new textures like tabletop stains, weaponry scratches and dirt wipes

As well as new variations to existing maps, like making the fingerprints and footprints zoomed out in scale so you can use them on larger objects.

Oh and this is our 6th Month of texture releases! Woo! Time flies.

Can't wait to show you what we've got in store for the future :)

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