Top Poliigon Renders from February 2017

Heyoo! The Poliigon community created some more gorgeous renders this past month. So as per usual, here's the monthly roundup of our favourite images:

Love that lighting!Created by Asbjørn Pedersen using the new tile materials in Blender.

Awesome 3D printed rifle concept, by Christian Grajewski, with a unique use of the Overlay textures. Made with Alias design and Keyshot.

Simple but lovely wooden toy, by Lawrence Jaeger using wood materials. Made with Blender.

Created by Nicolas Martinez, using Rhinoceros and Keyshot.

A clean, white bathroom, but still enough character to be interesting. Created by Michał Demps using the new Marble materials. Made with Blender.


And the render of the month is...

Minimalistic yet highly detailed bathroom, by Gaiduk Dmytro using Overlay and Wood materials. Made with Blender.

Great use of the Overlay textures to create a perfectly photorealistic bathroom. I love the condensation on the windows!

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How to Win Next month

  1. Make something awesome using any of Poliigon's materials
  2. Post it on ArtStation with the words "Textures by" somewhere in the description.
  3. Check back here at the end of the month to see if you were featured! The best render will receive a 12-month Gold subscription.

Seems the entries are getting better and better each month. Can't wait to see March's :)