New Environment Textures

Making 3D environments is fun. But there's one part that isn't fun: hunting for the right material!

So we've updated our library with some new materials to make rendering environments easier.

First up, let's talk about something that's been missing from every material library...

New Lava Materials!

Don't tell me you've never wanted to make a scene like this:

As cliche as that scene looks, unless you're good at Substance, matte painting or helicoptering over volcanoes, you previously couldn't make it! Coz up until now, there weren't any realistic lava materials online (that we know of).

So we created a collection of lava materials that were desperately needed in the 3D industry:

More Sand Materials

Yes, it's coarse and it does get everywhere, but it's a staple for environment building! Whether it's a beach, an island, or a desert - you need high quality, tileable sand. And while we already have a sand collection, we've added some sand types that were previously missing from our library.

We've captured sand types that are necessary for 3D environments, but difficult to find online, like desert rippled sand (an internet first afaik!), plain clean sand, footprints, basic beach ruffage and shoreline sand.

Get yer sand on!

^created with the new Sand Ripple texture.

New Large-Scale Grass Captures

This is one I'm super excited about!

When you're making a wide-open scene with grass that stretches for kilometres, a 1x1 meter grass texture just doesn't cut it (pun intended). Because when you tile something 2000 times, even the worlds best seamless textures will look horribly tiled.

So we created something that we've wanted for years, but we couldn't find anywhere... LARGE-SCALE GRASS CAPTURES

We've provided them in three common grass types, green, patchy and brown, so that you can easily painted over each other (like the image above) to make some gorgeous landscapes.

Minor note: but we've also added a new astroturf grass type for those needing that authentic "I-don't-like-mowing-my-lawn" homeowner look ;)

New Photoscanned Snow

While we had a snow section already, we wanted that sweet, sweet height detail that comes with photoscanning.

So we're pleased to announce 12 new photoscanned snow materials:

And on more minor note, we've had dozens of requests for trunk and wood ends, so we've updated the library with those too.

Hope you enjoy the new library additions!

What texture set would you like to see added to Poliigon in the future? Let us know in the comments below!