Christmas Competition 2017 Results

Since announcing the competition a month ago, 24 artists entered into this holiday themed competition. Here's who won!

3rd Place - Morgan Grandjean

Cute model! Love the turntable you included too. A very traditional old timey take on Christmas! For your hard efforts you've been awarded 6-months of Poliigon Lite!


2nd Place - Thomas Berard

Gorgeous! The amount of work that went into this scene is evident in your included progression gif. I also like that you went beyond the usual Christmas themes of lights and snow (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and tried to make something new.

For your hard work you've been awarded 6-months of Poliigon Gold!


1st Place - Tomas Madr

Congratulations Tomas! Everything from the aesthetics, story and technical skills are  spot on. All throughout the scene you can spot signs of attention to detail: from the frills on the girl's dress, to the accurate folds on the paper. A well earned first place!

For your hard effort you've been awarded the Grand Prize of 12-months of Poliigon Gold.

Thank you to everyone who entered into any of the competitions this year! Seeing the community renders has actually been a big source of inspiration for our asset team, as it's encouraging to see artists using them. So thank you!

Look forward to seeing what you make in 2018! :)